Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Sunday was Annie's birthday.  Happy 8th Birthday Annie!!

2.  After spending a lot at the grocery store yesterday, I forgot dog food and dishwasher packs.  :(

3.  There is a cookie exchange today.  I hope my cookies are alright.  The first batch unintentionally spent a little too much time in the oven.  So I put them in the bottom of the bowl.

4.  There are 8 days until Christmas Eve and I am sad to say that I have not finished my shopping.  I only need to pick up a couple of things, but still, it's not done and I don't like that feeling.

5.  I started reading The Great Santa Search (It's part of the Christmas Chronicles.) and this was the foreword.  I hardly ever read the forewords, but I'm glad I did this time.  There have been some recent developments for me that have presented problems.  I wonder if this is a sign?

6.  You know, yesterday morning, I only had 1 message in my email inbox.  By the end of the day, there were 14 sitting there.  I know that the total number of emails I received during the day are significantly less than most people, I still prefer inbox zero and I have accomplished that many times.  I don't like to have more than 5 sitting there.  Gives me anxiety.

7. I love the track packages while they are shipping but I can get really impatient.  Especially when I know that my package is only a 2 hour drive away.

8. I've always dreamed of having a house like the one in Clue with a library, a study, a formal dining room, a conservatory, a big kitchen, a grand entry, etc.  Something like that would be my dream home.

9.  Last night, Melody walked in front of the Christmas tree and sat down all pretty-like and turned her sweet little head to me with her ears perked.  As soon as I grabbed my camera to capture the adorable photo, the ornery little shit moved. 

10.  Would anyone like to come and organize all of my electronic files and emails for me?  I don't want to spend the hours in front of the computer to do it.  :)

Weekend Recap...

It's amazing how quickly the holiday season goes by as a result of all of the busyness.  This past weekend was no exception.

Friday:  After a super successful holiday party at work, I came home to chill.  My plan was to work on a project, but I was so exhausted that I just read my book.  I wanted to finish it, but I had to put it down at midnight in order to go to sleep.  There were only about 90 pages to go. 

Saturday:  I finished my book!  It was really good.  I would highly recommend The Count of Monte Cristo.  So calculating, so scandalous, so intriguing.  After reading, I got all loaded up with my dog, laundry, and overnight bag to head to my parents.  Even though she is retired, my grandma always goes to her company Christmas party and this was the third year that I got to go as her date.  It's an amazing party and it was such a shock to find out that I won the centerpiece at our table!  I was the lucky one to get the 2 movies, popcorn, M&Ms, and Skittles.  (It was a movie premier theme.)  To make things even better, for the first time in 44 years, my grandmas won a prize!!  I was so happy for her.  Once I got home, I worked on my project a little bit, but it is nowhere near finished.

Sunday:  The weather was incredibly warm, high 50s.  I am really not a fan of temperatures that high in December, but my parents and I went out to enjoy it.  We hit up our favorite brewery for drinks and munchies.  It's always nice to hang out with people you care about.  I came home in the evening and spent the rest of the night with a movie and my project. I did have to take time to make my grocery list because this week I have a cookie exchange, a chili cook off, and lunch and dinner for the week.

What was your weekend like?  Did you get to relax or were you busy?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It's the last week of classes and there seems to be more students in the hallways.  Coincidence?

2.  Yes...yes I do.

3.  Christmas music has been playing from my Pandora all day at work since last Tuesday and it makes me so happy!

4.  I'm going to have to make me one of these.

5.  Do you ever have those days when you are busy all day long and don't get anything done?  Yesterday morning was like that for me.  I did however, manage to accomplish some things yesterday evening and last night.  Progress!

6.  So, I know I need to go over my Christmas shopping and compare my list with what I've purchased.  But, here is the issue...all of the storage for my Christmas decorations is actually blocking it all.  It looks like I will be diving into the mess that is my office closet tonight.

7.  Ugly Christmas Sweater Party tonight at the MK meeting!!  I don't have an ugly sweater and didn't want to buy one.  Since I didn't have time to make one, I borrowed a sweatshirt from my mom.  It's not ugly, but it's cute.

8.  When I saw this, it reminded me of a choir warm up that went: "Sit on a potato pan, Otis".  Whoever wrote this was never in choir.  (Yes, I am a nerd)

9.  I'm part of a small committee that is planning a party and it's on Friday!  It's been exciting planning it, so I hope everyone has fun.

10.  Share your 10 things here.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Recap...

The weekends during the holiday months seem to go by so fast.  I think it's because they are so busy.  Does anyone else have this issue?  This past weekend was a busy one.

Friday:  After work I picked up my dog and went to my parents to prepare for the weekend ahead.  I had to run to the grocery store to get supplies for my cake for Sunday's dinner, but after that, it was time to relax.  I worked a little on my crochet project and tried to plan for Saturday.

Saturday:  It was time again for the annual shopping day with my grandma.  We got an early(ish) start at 10 am and by 3, we were home.  On this day, we are marathon shoppers.  I have a plan and she has a list, and we just go.  We hit about 8 different stores and she was able to finish all of her shopping!  That's exciting for her, but I'm only about 3/4 of the way finished.  I was so busy this weekend that I haven't even debriefed and figured out where I stand yet.  After shopping, it was a quick change of clothes and into Grandma's house with my cousin to set up her Christmas decorations.  Her tree was the 8th tree I have put up this year.  :)  I love Christmas trees.  She always gets us pizza too when we are finished, which was three hours later.  When I made it back to the house, it was time to bake my cake for Sunday's dinner.  I was told to bring a cake of my choice and I decided to try out my great grandmother's carrot cake recipe.  I've never made carrot cake before (but I love it!) and since it was an old family recipe, I was so nervous.  While the cake was cooling, my mom and I watched Christmas with the Kranks.  I love Tim Allen and this movie is so cute!

Sunday:  Christmas dinner with my mom's family is always so great.  I am truly blessed and very thankful that I have such great cooks on both sides of my family.  We all enjoy spending time together and catching up.  Then, throw in all of the delicious food and it makes for a great time!  There was so much to eat and many people ate their fill and then took some home.  That's what tends to happen too.  We make so much food, that we don't eat it all at once.  My grandma was the first to try my cake and her words were "tastes just like Mom's".  That made me feel so good!  I did it!  By the way, the cake was so good and I only came home with about 3 small pieces.  I ate way too much too.  When we got back to the house, I had to take a short 30 minute nap before my dad was nice enough to load up my car for me so I could come home.  I intended to clean my apartment, but my stomach was so full of food, I ended up doing nothing but laying around on the couch after walking Melody.

It was such a great weekend and there are a few more to come!  What did you do?  Grab that button up there and share!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Can it really be December already?

2.  Do you ever leave your cell phone at home and then feel completely naked without it?  I'm not even a person whose phone is glued to their hand either.

3.  The Black Friday sale was a flop.  :(

4.  So far, I have put up 7 Christmas trees.  One of them is my great grandmother's vintage 1950s aluminum tree. However, the top piece is missing, so I am looking for replacement pieces.

5.  Yesterday at work, I had 95% of my work done by lunchtime.  Pretty impressive.

6.  I may have taken up crochet and am about to start an important project, but I am having some serious crafting withdrawals. 

7.  While looking through my car's center console, I found a couple of Christmas CDs that are some of my favorites, but I didn't see the one I love the most.  I figured that it would be at home somewhere.  Actually, it was still in my car's CD player...a year later.  That made me laugh really hard for a minute or two. Have you ever done something like that?

8.  Oh how I long for a desk that faces the door instead of facing a wall with my back to the door.  There are people who do not realize how big of a problem this is.

9.  I've got a facial tonight!  It's a Mary Kay Day!

10.  Join in here.