Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I finally finished Wurthering Heights on Sunday.  I did not like the story or the characters at all.  When I finished the ending, my first thought was, "That was a waste of time.  What the hell did I just read?"  No offense to anyone who enjoys the book.  I just didn't like it.

2.  Until my new book comes in, I am going to try and work on crocheting some dishcloths.  I haven't crocheted anything since I completed Mrs. P's blanket in January.

3.  There are boxes and piles of stuff all over my office at work.  I was in the middle of doing an inventory count when a workshop commenced.  I actually had to clear a space before I could start work.

4.  Has anyone heard of UK's ban on smoking in cars with children?  That's a pretty bold move.  I wonder how well it will go?

5.  Is there any way to turn off game invites in Facebook?  I hate getting them. 

6.  Melody finally came home with me on Sunday!  It's so nice to have her there.  Now, my new place officially feels like home.

7.  Have you seen this?  Many people feel that asking for a raise at work is worse than a root canal or an IRS audit.  What do you think?

8.  If you are a fan of  awesome musicals, I highly suggest you watch Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall.  It's an amazing production available on Netflix.  It's also the 25th anniversary celebration, so there are surprises at the end.  I may have geeked out so much that my dog had to come into my lap and look me in the face to make sure I was alright.