Thursday, October 1, 2015

I Like Notebooks...and I Don't Have a Problem

I've mentioned it many times before that I have a (small) affection for office supplies.  One item in particular is notebooks.  When Staples recently had their Back to School Sale, spiral notebooks were only $0.17.  How could I possibly pass up that deal?  I only thought it might be an issue when I got home and had to put them away.  It was then that I realized I didn't have a lot of storage space in my desk.  That's when I noticed, I had a lot.  Then, I remembered my mom's comment when I was unpacking, "Geez, how many notebooks do you have?"  To answer that question, I took every notebook I had around the apartment and placed them all on my dining room table.

If you counted, there are 25 notebooks on that table.  This was after I bought 10 at Staples during the sale.  That means, I had 15 notebooks collecting around my place.  Only 5 of these were given to me; I bought the others.  I rationalize my purchases of notebooks because I use them every single day for multiple purposes.  Plus, they can be really cute.  Let's look at that pile again:

After I snapped that picture, I realized that this collection doesn't include the notebooks I have at work.  Yes, I have two notebooks at work that I use every day.  One for my daily to-do list and comments, and another for general notes from meetings and projects.  I also have one in my Mary Kay tote that I use for notes at unit meetings.

Now, I'm sure you are wondering, "How many notebooks can you actually use at once?"  The answer:  5.  I currently have 5 notebooks in use at home.

1. Purchased (for $0.17!):  My notebook for to-do lists and general notes around the house.  It's kept in my living room for easy access.

2.  Gift:  This one contains my record of Mary Kay products I purchase for personal use and gifts.  This is important for tax reasons at the end of the year.  It sits next to my computer in my home office.  It's pretty, isn't it?

3.  Purchased:  Thrown in my purse when I'm going to meetings or appointments that may require me to write things down.  The small size makes it a perfect fit for any purse I happen to be carrying.  This is also one of the oldest notebooks.  I purchased this from the Michaels dollar bin at least 6-7 years ago (along with the pink and white polka dotted one in the first picture).

4.  Gift:  The slim size of this one makes it perfect for tossing in my Mary Kay tote to record my mileage and dates when attending unit meetings, classes, training, and deliveries.  Isn't it cute?

5.  Free Gift with Purchase:  This one is perhaps the most important one.  It's my journal.  I say that this was a free gift with purchase because it was a surprise in the mail from the Financial Times after I renewed a subscription for someone I support at work.  It's leather with nice thick pages and an attached ribbon bookmark. 

The thought, "Why not keep everything in one notebook?", has crossed my mind.  Here's my issue with that.  All of these notebooks serve different purposes.  If I need to know how many miles I drove to deliver product, or how the doctor answered my question, I don't want to have to sort through multiple pages and pages of notes and lists to find what I need.  I want to be able to go right to the information.  It's similar with how I store things in cabinets and such.  I don't like to have to move something to get to what I need.  It wastes time and causes me frustration and anxiety.  Blame it all on that OCD, if you will.

I have just shared with you something really quirky about me.  I can't help it.  I love notebooks.  Do any of you have something that you love that others don't always understand?  Am I the only one that likes notebooks this much?  I know that can't be true.  :)   So, please share.  What's something quirky about you?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Temperatures have cooled down this week.  It's going to be in the 70s!

2.  This is true:


3.  I was told twice in two weeks that my makeup always looks "perfect".  That makes me feel so good, especially when I think my technique is lacking.  It's always nice to have a little ego boost.

4.  Do you ever get the urge to color, or is that just me?

5.  I went to Pinterest and typed in "tree".  The results were not disappointing.  I seriously love trees...and waterfalls.

6.  I have exactly 1 month to find a caterer and plan a totally awesome staff appreciation event that includes a fundraising contest.  Big task.  Any suggestions on how to get people excited to donate money?

7.  There is an overwhelming amount of productivity tips out there is the world.  Have you noticed?  It seems like every week I see 1-2 new articles with new tips.  After a while, though, they all start to say the same thing.

8.  This is awesome!

My favorite show of all time!:

9.  I think I need a one week stay-cation.  Anyone with me on this?

10.  My goal to always have fresh flowers in my apartment is still going strong!  One of the many reasons I love carnations is that they last a very long time.  I've lived in my new place for two months and have only bought 3 bouquets.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Recap...

I am so excited that it's starting to look and feel like fall.  The leaves are changing and the temperatures are slowly cooling down.  We had 80 degree temps all last week, but this week should be in the 70s.  I am so ready for summer to end and fall to really begin.

Friday:  The girls and I went out to dinner at a local Asian bistro that I had never been to before.  We sat on the patio, which was really relaxing and I had a champagne sangria to drink.  It was so delicious.  The pad Thai I ordered was huge and tasty.  The rest of the evening passed like normal Fridays.  I relaxed with Melody and a good show.  Melody and Annie both got sick while we boarded them, so they have been on antibiotics.  I could tell Melody was feeling better because she was getting energetic again.  Although, even though I told her to settle down, she didn't listen and ended up coughing for about an hour.

Saturday:  I hit up some estate sales in the area because I am still looking for a chest of drawers and nightstand that I can refinish.  The people in this area had priced the items as if they were brand new.  For a casserole dish:  $20, a 3 foot nutcracker decoration:  $40.  It was ridiculous.  Also, no furniture was found that met my needs, so it was a total bust.  I ended up getting some materials for some projects I have on my list and pulled out my Halloween decorations.  It was a few days earlier than I usually decorate, but I was in the mood.  That evening my parents and I went out for a casual dinner while we watched a little bit of the college football game.  I'm sad to say that we lost, however it wasn't a complete blowout.  The other team only one by about 2 touchdowns.

Sunday:  Since my dad has been working on painting projects for me, I ended up spending the afternoon at my parents' house doing my laundry and finally watching Pitch Perfect 2.  My dad had painted a bench for me that is going to be put in my bedroom, but it wasn't quite ready, so I came home with another project to work on.  While chilling in the evening, I began to really think about my spending over the weekend and its awful how you can get paid and all of your extra money is spent before you realize it.  Budgets suck and its frustrating when you have things you need for your home (like curtains) but they have to wait because the utilities are more important along with insurance.  Ugh.

What did you do over the weekend?  Are you ready for fall to really get started?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  My parents and I traveled last week to Ohio to visit some family.  It was a fantastic trip, but it was also a go-go-go kind of trip, so I am exhausted.

2.  Fair warning:  the trip between St. Louis and Indianapolis is so extremely b...o...r...i...n...g. 

3.  Little did I know when I got my hair cut before the trip, that my sister and I would have the same hair style.  The only difference being that we part our hair on opposite sides.  In fact, she and I have a lot more in common than I thought, and that is terrific.

4.  Here is the blanket I crocheted for my niece who turned two while we were there:

5.  At one point, we were all sitting around the fire, enjoying the cool weather, when the family started singing along with the radio.  While looking at this picture, image a beautiful harmony of Bill Withers's Lean on Me.

6.  Two books I ordered came in while I was gone and I have already started making progress on one of them.  I am 5 books behind schedule on my challenge.  I really do not want to fail at this reading goal, so I am going to try and work really hard to get it completed.  I just ordered two more.

7.  I haven't been impressed with the movies in theaters lately.  Something's got to give.

8.  While in Ohio, I got to try a new winery.  I brought two bottles home for my wine rack, but I have a feeling they won't last very long.  Wine in my place never does.

9.  Do you ever have times when you are just sick and tired of waiting?  I feel like that's all I've done lately in my professional world.  No matter how hard I try, what tactics I use, no matter what I do, I'm always waiting.  How do you overcome that?  Seriously, I could use some advice.

10.   The first day of fall is only 8 days away!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It's hot and humid here again.  :(  Blegh!  The weatherman likes to use the word "warm".  Ha!  Anything over 85 degrees is not "warm", it's "hot".

2.  There is a particular person who is driving me crazy and I am at my wits-end with them.  Unfortunately, I have to deal with this person daily and there's nothing I can do to make the situation better.

3. I went to Staples over the weekend and purchased 10 spiral notebooks for 17 cents a piece!  That's so exciting!  I love notebooks and use them every single day.  I also picked up a 10 ft. phone charger.  Oh, wow!  This thing is amazing!

4.  I am working on a crochet blanket for a toddler and have 6 days to finish it.  That seems like a difficult timeline.  I see many late nights ahead of me.

5.  This week, I am trying smoothies for breakfast.  The first one was almond milk, bananas and peanut butter.  Today's was almond milk, bananas, and blueberry yogurt.  Delicious!  I hope to keep this up.

6.   There seems to be an influx in babies recently.  It seems to me that pregnant women and babies are everywhere! 

7.  Is it bad that all I want to do right now is crochet, read, and sleep?  I obviously need a vacation.  I haven't taken one in over a year besides a day or two here and there. 

8.  I'm actually taking next week off and will visit long-distance family during that time.  I hope it's not really hot and humid, and most importantly, fun.

9.  While in the bathroom at work, I discovered a hole in my pants.  Nice.

10.  Now that it's officially September, it's time to change the wreath on my door and start outlining my Christmas shopping plan.